This Spring, Outreach Task force worked on 4 objectives, each assigned to one of 4 different project groups. With God’s favor, each of these tasks was successful!                                                                                                                                                              

What We’ve Done

Outreach Training - April 22, 2017 we hosted an Outreach Training Session at St. John based on the book GodSpeaks.

Family Reunion Picnic - June 4, 2017 we hosted a Family Reunion Picnic and Outdoor worship, gathering family and friends.

Community Outreach with Pastor Hernandez – June 29-July 1, we hosted Pastor Carlos Hernandez with the Planting Gospel Seeds While Meeting Human Needs project from the LCMS Synod, in conjunction with the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation Celebration. We hosted an open forum, Leadership Dinner, conducted 8 community agency interviews and 24 neighborhood interviews, and Pastor Hernandez preached on Sunday and led Bible class.

Improved Email Communication and Spiritual Gifts Assessment – We gathered member emails and invited members to participate in an online Spiritual Gifts Assessment. (You can take the Spiritual Gifts assessment here, or sign up for our email list here.)

What’s Next for Outreach

We are not slowing down! Building on what we’ve done so far and our overall goal to reach more people in the community with Jesus’ love, the Outreach Task Force has met and assigned new project groups for the next year.

New Project Groups are:

  1. Ministry to Community Seniors in Need
  2. Care & Communication with St John School Families from St. John Church
  3. Care for Visitors to St. John and St. John Members
  4. Community Events – Summer Fairs and Servant Events

How You Can Be Involved

  • Pray for St. John Outreach Ministry
  • Join a project group – we need additional volunteers! Contact Pastor Mike, 303-667-1350 for more information.
  • Watch for ways to help with specific events coming up soon.