Getting to Know Jesus - Bible Study


I invite you to join me, Sara Borgstede, on a journey into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.

Starting in January 2018 we’ll be reading the book Getting to Know Jesus: Using the Six Core Teachings of the Bible to Grow in a Deeper Relationship with Jesus, by Paul Schult (You can purchase the book at St. John for $12 or go HERE to purchase at Amazon) 

Then we will come together at St John each Sunday at 10:15 am for discussion and Bible Study. Check out schedule below.

In this study, we will discover:

  • How can I get to know Jesus better?
  • How can I possibly understand all that the Bible teaches and reveals?
  • What is the most important teaching in the Bible for me to know?

The Six Core Teachings of the Christian Faith

We will develop a closer relationship with Jesus by learning more about the 6 core teachings of the Christian faith:

  1. The Ten Commandments – reveal God’s values
  2. The Apostles’ Creed – reveals God’s identity
  3. The Lord’s Prayer – reveals how to communicate with God
  4. Baptism – reveals how to be identified with God
  5. Confession & Forgiveness – reveal how to be honest with God
  6. The Lord’s Supper – reveals how to commune with God

Getting to Know Jesus Bible Study 2018 Schedule

Here is our weekly schedule. If you fall behind, that is okay! Please continue to join the discussion. The goal is not perfection but developing a closer relationship with Jesus each time you read the book and study God’s Word.

Week 1 January 7 Intro + Chapter 1, p. 1-36

Lesson 1 Worksheet

Week 2 January 14 Chapter 2, p. 37-57

Lesson 2 Worksheet

Week 3 January 21 Chapter 3, p. 59-66

Lesson 3 Worksheet
5 Love Languages Test

Week 4 January 28 Chapter 4, p. 67-78

Lesson 4 Worksheet

Week 5 February 4 Chapter 5, p. 79-88

Lesson 5 Worksheet

Week 6 February 11 Chapter 6, p. 89-98

Lesson 6 Worksheet

Week 7 February 18 Chapter 7, p. 99-108

Lesson 7 Worksheet

Week 8 February 25 Chapter 8, p. 109-116

Lesson 8 Worksheet

Week 9 March 4 Chapter 9, p. 117-125

Lesson 9 Worksheet



Getting to Know Jesus Online Bible Study

Much of our discussion will take place in our Getting to Know Jesus Facebook group. Come and join us for new discussion weekly. (Hint: The author might even make a guest appearance.) Each week I’ll be posting a blog post digging deeper into one aspect of the readings, as well.

While you are welcome to join in the discussion no matter what, I encourage you to purchase the book and read along for maximum benefit. You can purchase the book Getting to Know Jesus HERE in print or Kindle version.