Congregational Meeting April 2019 


What are the present strengths of St John?  in no particular order

  • Devoted, dedicated Staff – Pastoral (Church) and School (Teachers, Administrators, etc.)

  • Biblically Sound ministry and teaching in School and Church and consistent for a long time (and good location).

  • Consistent, Solid Worship – and now some variety and more opportunities with Wednesday evenings.

  • School and Church cohesiveness (especially evident on Sundays when school is involved.)











Needs Improvement

What specific things need improvement at St John? (Organizational, Spiritual and Physical): in no particular order.

  • Volunteer Recruitment – getting more people involved in the ministries (and as leaders) of St John and not just the same people all the time.

  • Simplify Structure – Organizational structure needs review and possible changes to make things more efficient and manageable. (Clear job descriptions, review constitution and by-laws, effective policies and procedures, reorganize boards or teams to reflect requirements of running St John.)

  • Better Communication of Needs – there is many things that need to get done, need improvement or repair or other needs that come up – how can we better communicate these needs to the whole congregation so that people can help out?

  • Improve Our ReachIn-Reach, How we are caring for our members both active and inactive. (member care, school to church communication, inactive members, etc) and Out-Reach, How we reach out to School families and Local Community. (community involvement, Evangelism and Missions, use of facilities for community activities especially gym)

  • Physical – Parking Lot redone, Update of Worship area (remodel, repair, new lighting, new sound system, add video system) and other repairs and updates to our present campus.

  • Bible Study – more opportunities to study God's Word (Men's and Women's groups, small groups, community Bible studies) and more people involved not just on Sunday.



Community Needs

  • This section we are displaying the work done in each small group without any summary.